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Yanchich Vladimir Vladimirovich, Candidate of engineering sciences, head of Laboratory, Research and Design Technological Bureau "Piezopribor", Southern Federal University (10 Milchakova street, Rostov-on-Don, Russia),
Dzheniya Dmitriy Vladimirovich, 1st category engineer, Research and DesignTechnological Bureau "Piezopribor", Southern Federal University (10 Milchakova street, Rostov-on-Don, Russia),
Yanchich Vladimir Vladimirovich, Engineer, Research and DesignTechnological Bureau "Piezopribor", Southern Federal University (10 Milchakova street, Rostov-on-Don, Russia), 

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Background. The expansion of dynamic and frequency ranges of the vibration parameters measurement refers to the important task of improving the acoustic diagnosis equipment and monitoring of complex technical equipment. In some cases, the necessary result is achieved by the simultaneous use of two sensors with different values of the conversion factors or operating frequency range. However, this solution is not always technically available. The aim of this work is the creation of piezoelectric accelerometers for measuring of two overlapping dynamic or frequency-dynamic ranges.
Materials and methods. The basic principles of the dualband electromechanical transducers accelerometers are considered on the base of accelerating the conversion into an electrical signal through the direct piezoelectric effect. The analysis on their work characteristics in voltage and charge modes is performed. Based on the proposed design criteria the prototypes of dual-band variants of the accelerometers are developed and experimentally tested.
Results. The basic working features of the converters with both dynamic ranges in voltage and the charge modes are detected. The principal possibility of implementing the dual-band accelerometers with different dynamic ranges and overall operating frequency range and also with different dynamic and frequency ranges is presented. In the last case it’s necessary to use autonomous electrically and mechanically isolated converters
arranged in sensor housing. Based on the proposed design criteria piezoelectric transducers of accelerometers with two rangesch vary according to the upper limit of the measured acceleration up to 33 times and a maximum operating frequency of 3.5 times, are developed and tested.
Conclusions. To extend the dynamic and frequency measurement ranges of the vibration parameters instead of two piezoelectric accelerometers it’s possible to use one with two dynamic or frequency-dynamic ranges. The proposed technical solutions can also be used in the design of the piezoelectric sensors of pressure pulsations, acoustic field and strength. 

Key words

piezoelectric accelerometer, measurement, dynamic and frequency range, oscillatory. 

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